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Share printer, files and databases systems

Network Setup Including Server Systems

Do you have more than one computer and you want to share files with multiple computer users? Or do you want to share one printer with different computers? Whatever your situation is we can help you.

We work with many Operating systems, including: Windows Server based, or a Linux based OS, and Apple OS. We can also help you to setup QuickBooks, Peachtree or any other database program that needs to be setup on a server so that multiple user can access the program files.

Network Security


Let us help you check security on your network.  Don’t jeopardize your company’s files security or your customers security.

Virus, Malware removal

If you don’t want to go thru the hassle of bring your computer equipment to our store we can go to your home or business to remove malware and viruses from your computers

Wireless Wi-Fi setup

If you want to setup a wireless network at your home or work we can help you. We can help you enable the highest security available by your equipment provided by your ISP or we can recommend you other equipment.

Network Wire Installations

Do you have a new office? or do you want to run new cable in your existing business? We have Hubbell Certified technicians that can perform new network cable runs at your home or office.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems setup

We can help you setup up QuickBooks POS or Microsoft POS system for you. If you don’t have the equipment we can get it for you.

Quickbooks or the POS of your choice

CCTV or DVR Security system Installation

If you want to install a surveillance system at your home or business we can help you. We can install your equipment or provide you with the equipment, including cameras equipped with infrared lighting for night vision. We can also configure your system so that you can access your system remotely from anywhere you have internet access being your home computer iPhone, iPad, android phone, or blackberry phone

CCTV or DVR Survelliance Systems